I Am What I Amazon

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Hey you! Put down your jungle juice and leave Penn Island for the steamiest place on earth… the Amazon! No, not the Jeff Bezos kind, the one with the animals, silly! Strap on your Crocs, hop on the riverboat and we’ll show you a Tour De Forest with all the PrimeMates the rainforest has to offer. But we would be lion if we said all’s well in the animal kingdom. There’s deforesters, corporate monopolies, and big spiders too. Jeepers Creepers! Don’t be a Jurassic narc; join us as we embark on our journey. Will Wharton hear a who? Will he care even if he does? And Whose Vine Is It Anyway? There’s only one way to find out. So come on down and watch us monkey around. We promise we won’t get off tropic. Whether you’re catching a ride on Air Forest One or kicking it top down in your Hakuna Miata, we’ll save you a seat for Mask and Wig’s Fall Show: I Am What I Amazon! If not for us, do it for the Vine.

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