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Email Addresses

Please use the form below for general contacts. Below are names and email addresses for key contacts.

Club Officers

Position Name Email
President David E. Simon [email protected]
Secretary Kyle S. Kozloff [email protected]
Treasurer Brian Cargo [email protected]
Rentals Kate Rice [email protected]
Newsletter Stephen Loughin [email protected]
Membership Sheldon Kugelmass [email protected]

Undergraduate Contacts


Position Name Email
Chairman Dean Jones [email protected]
Secretary-Treasurer Grayson Peters [email protected]
Business Manager Dylan Hurok [email protected]
Cast Director Jackson Parli [email protected]
Band Leader Siddarth Tumu [email protected]
Stage Manager Jack Hermann [email protected]

Phone List

Our Main Number is (215) 716-7378

Dial 1 – Tickets

Dial 2 – Clubhouse Directions & Parking

Dial 3 – Leave a Voicemail

Dial 0 – Other Inquiries

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