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The Mask and Wig Club consists of two distinct sections: The Graduate Club and the Undergradate Club. Below are names and email addresses for the leadership of each.

The Graduate Club

PresidentDonald M. Fisher[email protected]
SecretaryLouis Hornick, III[email protected]
TreasurerJames C. Praley[email protected]
RentalsKate Rice[email protected]
NewsletterStephen Loughin[email protected]
MembershipSheldon Kugelmass[email protected]

The Undergraduate Club

ChairmanZeeshan Mallick[email protected]
Secretary-TreasurerEthan Fein[email protected]
Stage ManagerGabe Mickel[email protected]
Cast DirectorNico Carino[email protected]
Band LeaderKyle Khuns[email protected]
Business ManagerAlec Goldberg[email protected]

Phone List

Our Main Number is (215) 716-7378

Dial 0 – Secretary-Treasurer

Dial 1 – Undergraduate Business Manager

Dial 2 – Dinner Show Tickets

Dial 3 – Clubhouse Directions & Parking

Dial 4 – Clubhouse Manager

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