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Fall Show Tickets Available Now!

Mask and Wig Presents: An Eye for an Island

Tickets are now available for our upcoming Fall Show.
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Giving Back with Laughter and Love

By Spencer Winson, Stage Crew ’17 Making people laugh is one way Wig likes to do something good for the world, but giving back to charity is just as important to us. On September 27, the comedy groups from around Penn’s campus together for the 11th annual Charitable Laughter, a charity event that not only made people laugh but also

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Starting on a Good Note

By Andres Martinez, Cast ’15 A little over a month ago, we started our quest to recruit the best class of New Guys that Mask and Wig has ever seen. The way we went about is through various performance and social events during NSO, all of which are recapped in this previous article by my NSO right hand man, Jeremy

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Wig Welcomes the Class of 2018 to Penn

With the beginning of another year at Penn comes the beginning of another year of Mask and Wig. New Student Orientation is an important time for the Club, due to the throngs of freshmen who have yet to learn about all of the wonderful things that Penn has to offer them. In this vein, Wig has had a blast putting

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