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Thanks for a great semester!

We've had a great time bringing laughter to Penn this semester.
We wish everyone good luck on finals and a happy holidays!
See you all next month for the opening of...


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Diversity and the Wig Experience

By Braden Amundsen, Stage Crew ’16 If you know anything about the audition process for Mask and Wig, you know it happens only over a few hours on a single day. We get a class of New Guys from a bunch of kids that we essentially know nothing about. We accept them based on their talents, experience, and the small

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Bringing Down the (TEP Chapter) House at KOB

The Mask and Wig Band Is well-known around campus for blowing the roof off the venues of their gigs. On Saturday, November 22, they kept this tradition alive at their annual Kick Off Bash! This is one of the favorite events among members of the undergraduate company, and it did not disappoint. Millions of Penn students showed up at the Tau Epsilon

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Wig Performs with Hasty Pudding at their Fall Show

By Joe Miciak, Cast ’15 Mask & Wig and Hasty Pudding… two collegiate musical comedy power houses… separated for over 100 years… after a fire-filled feud… finally come together… in a story that was long foretold by really bored prophets… where the denouement is a battle… but in this battle… violence isn’t the weapon… instead they employed the power of

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