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  • They Don’t Even Know: Freshmen Reflect on the “New Guy” Experience

    With the opening of Flight Club just under two weeks ago, many alumni returned to celebrate Mask and Wig’s 128th…

  • Countdown to Curtain: Preparations for the 128th Annual Production

    With only one day left until the opening of the 128th Annual Production, Flight Club, all four sections of the…

  • Chairman’s State of the Club: Reflections on the Fall Semester

    The 128th Undergraduate Company has had quite the year. We started off the year with the smoothest, most relaxed Fall…

  • Wiggers and their dates enjoy the 2015 Date Night

    Thai Food and Twisting: Mask and Wig Date Night 2015

    Here at the Mask and Wig Club, we take our work seriously. Every year, from January until April, we perform…

  • Scenes from our 2015 Tour to London

    Across the Pond and Back: Planning Wig’s First Overseas Tour

    Tour is a tradition that goes back almost as far as the Club’s inception. The Cast works tirelessly for nine…

  • Wiggers keep the fun going in social events

    Wig’s Role at the Social Ivy

    When we are not in class, studying, or working tirelessly to put on consistently high-caliber productions, Mask and Wig likes…

  • Academics are an important part of the Mask and Wig experience

    Majoring in Mask and Wig: Reflections on Academics

    Within our company, we all like to say that we come to Penn just to major in Mask and Wig.…

  • A reflection on some of our favorite songs

    All the Songs We Used to Sing: Our Top 5 Songs from the Past 5 Years

    One of the saddest parts about performing in a Mask and Wig show is that as soon as a show…

  • The Band and the Cast got together to record the soundtrack to A Comedy of Terrors

    The Real Super Bowl: Recording the Soundtrack to A Comedy of Terrors

    Super Bowl Weekend: For the average college student, this weekend is full of booze, wings, and giant dudes hitting other…

  • The writers of A Comedy of Terrors

    Requiem for a Scream: Writing A Comedy of Terrors

    About ten months ago, I embarked on a journey with seven young, goofy dudes. And boy, were they goofy. Our…