Thai Food and Twisting: Mask and Wig Date Night 2015

Thai Food and Twisting: Mask and Wig Date Night 2015
March 31, 2015 Nate Stauffer

By Patrick Romano, Cast ’16, Spring Internal Social Chair

Scenes from Date Night 2015Here at the Mask and Wig Club, we take our work seriously. Every year, from January until April, we perform 2-3 shows joint per weekend to sold-out audiences, both here in Philly and around the country (and now the world) on Tour. Still, like all human beings, we require means to relax and blow off steam when we are not working hard to prepare for our next performance. Our annual Date Night is one of our most fun traditions that allows us to do just that.

As spring Internal Social Chair, it was my job to plan, organize and execute Date Night. This year, I worked with our illustrious Chairman, Rishi Simha, and industrious Secretary-Treasurer, Peter McGuckin, to plan a Date Night that would maximize everyone’s fun while remaining within our budget. After calling upwards of 20 different restaurants, from the swankiest s in Philly to the most hidden gems, we settled on a relatively new and unknown spot, Xiandu, a restaurant that serves Thai fusion cuisine. In addition to its tasty food and reasonable prices, what was the most clutch aspect Xiandu had to offer? Its central location, just a brisk 2-block walk from our Clubhouse!

Scenes from Date Night 2015As a testament to how much Wiggers love to get classy together, nearly all 46 members of the company attended Date Night at Xiandu, wearing the famous JTNJ and bringing only the prettiest and handsomest of dates. Xiandu was a hit: we had the upper level of the restaurant all to ourselves, they served us 8 different, traditionally Thai dishes (including many that were vegetarian-friendly), and the kind managers and wait staff allowed us to walk around and mingle for the entire two hours we were there. However, the night did not end once we were stuffed full of pad thai and dan dan noodles. From Xiandu, we continued onward to the Clubhouse, where a fully-staffed bar and groovy music awaited us. It is safe to say that the Clubhouse was where we all really blew off some steam. Aided by various party playlists and one very loud speaker, we danced for (literally) hours in the Grille Room, reveling in the merriment of all of us coming together just to have a good time (and, of course, to impress our dates with how cool the Clubhouse is).

At the danger of tooting my own horn (toot-toot), I’ll just say this – Date Night was a huge success, in that it fulfilled its most basic goal: allowing every member of the company to have some fun before gearing up for another weekend of making audiences laugh until they cry. Mask and Wig has many traditions, but they all serve a purpose, and Date Night is no different.


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