Majoring in Mask and Wig: Reflections on Academics

Majoring in Mask and Wig: Reflections on Academics
March 2, 2015 Nate Stauffer

By Sam Rowland, Business Staff ’16

Within our company, we all like to say that we come to Penn just to major in Mask and Wig. Even though we say this as a joke, it’s pretty much true. A lot of time that could be spent studying for our classes is instead used for producing high-quality content to entertain our audiences. That being said, we all have our own work styles and manage our time commitments differently.

Being an Academic Chair this year (along with Brent Stone, Stage Crew ’16) has been a really great opportunity for me. I have had the pleasure of helping our freshmen and sophomores learn about choosing course loads, planning schedules and managing their time wisely. I have also guided them through the different academic requirements in place for each of the four undergraduate schools at Penn. We have worked together to discuss their academic goals throughout the semester.

Being an engineer, I struggled a lot during my freshman year to balance my time commitment to Mask and Wig with my class work. Eventually, I got in the habit of planning ahead to get work done in a timely manner and to work around big events like Fall Show, Kick-Off Bash, Tour, and every weekend of shows in the spring. Using what I have learned over the past three years to help a new generation of Mask and Wig guys has been very rewarding. As we all go on to receive our degrees (B.A.s in Mask and Wig?), it’s nice to feel that I have had some part in helping each of my brothers to get there.


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