Countdown to Curtain: Preparing for A Comedy of Terrors

Countdown to Curtain: Preparing for A Comedy of Terrors
January 21, 2015 Nate Stauffer

By Four Second Year Guys

With just two days left until Opening Night of Mask and Wig’s 127th Annual Production, A Comedy of Terrors, every member of the Company is at full-throttle, putting the finishing touches on the show before our first audiences arrive. We asked four Second Year Guys to give a brief overview of how their respective sections are preparing…

Maurin Mwombela, Cast ’17

Scenes from preparations for A Comedy of TerrorsThis week has been very busy for the cast, since there are a lot of last minute preparations to be made. After receiving our costumes and practicing applying our make-up, we have been learning how these affect our stage numbers and working around them. Moreover, we are adjusting to the technical effects, scene transitions and set changes, which can get pretty hectic backstage moving around the Crew. Nevertheless, our production team is doing a great job of helping us remain organized and focused on our work. With the adjustments being made and new last-minute details being added, the performance is sure to be great!

Spencer Winson, Crew ’17

Scenes from preparations for A Comedy of TerrorsThe Crew has been slaving away to make the world of A Comedy of Terrors come to life. After we entered the theater, we installed a stage extension as well as a fake ceiling and walls.  Once placed, all of these needed to be properly adorned with paint and decorations – all made by us!  We’ve been working to program lights, create sound effects and set up tech for the Cast and Band to interact with.  This is the most exciting part, the part when it all comes together – a set isn’t a set until there are people on it!

Tomy Patrich, Band ’17

Scenes from preparations for A Comedy of TerrorsMany of the Band’s last minute preparations for the opening of the show consist of working out precise timing and sound details with the cast. Most of our time during the last week of rehearsals involves tasks such as deciding cue lines for when the band should come in and cut out, assigning individual playoffs for every scene change, and developing our dynamic range. The last one is especially important for defining the moments when we should not overpower the voices of the Cast, as well as large musical moments for the band to drive on the performance.  The music of this production is written exceptionally well; it is interesting, curious and catchy.  With the hard work of each Band member and the help of our Music Director, Gene, every musical moment will be perfected and performed deliberately, bringing the show to life.

Jeremy Golant, Business Staff ’17

Here on the Biz Staff, we embody a Wu-Tang attitude (read: Cash Rules Everything Around Me). As we prepare for the show’s opening, the Business Staff is working hard to sell and market the show. One new initiative that we’ve undertaken in our 127th season is producing a video profile on each of our four sections, to be publicized on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. (You can see them here!) Now that we’ve finished selling and laying out the show’s program, our section is tasked with many of the last-minute logistics that go into the production, particularly ticketing and props. Moreover, we’ve begun looking ahead as we formulate plans for the marketing of our annual Tour. Nevertheless, the real challenge for us doesn’t begin until the doors open on Friday and the audience comes in, eager to be seated and for the show to start!

Come see what all of our hard work is going toward. Get your tickets now!


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