Charity Ball a Great Success

Charity Ball a Great Success
January 2, 2014 Donald Fisher

By Jack Gindi C’17

Fun times and giving back at Charity BallAs Wig members, their dates, and their friends walked into the Mask and Wig Clubhouse on the night of Friday, December 6, they were greeted with a smile and a much-needed coat check for Charity Ball 2013. The night began in the grille room, where piano was played, pictures were taken, and drinks were served. Jordan Miller, one of the guests, remarked, “There’s something to be said about seeing your closest friends dressed to the nines. The whole atmosphere was alive and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I had a great time.”

The black-tie event was a massive success that raised $3,500 for Walking for Wendy, a charity near and dear to many a Wigger’s heart. Walking for Wendy raises money for pancreatic cancer awareness and research, and hosts walks in major cities to raise funds. Find out more at

Fun times and giving back at Charity BallThe night progressed, and we were ushered upstairs into the theatre, where our very own Mask and Wig Band, along with singers from both within and without Wig, was waiting to perform for the crowd. The band played eleven songs ranging from “Sweet Caroline” to Daft Punk’s hit “Get Lucky.” AJ Rossi ‘14, Wig’s current stage manager, commented that the band’s performance was “smooth and sexy, some kind of awesome mix of new music and old throwbacks.” The crowd, dancing, jumping, and singing along, was having a great time.

When the last song came to a close, the crowd, cheering and clapping, once again broke into raucous applause for Andres Martinez’ (Cast ‘15) 21st birthday. We were once again brought downstairs for more conversation and drinks, and the night slowly came to a close as the last guests filtered out.

All in all, Charity Ball 2013 was a great time. Congratulations again to the band and guest singers on their absolutely mind-blowing performance.

We would like to thank Bon Appetit, Copabanana, City Tap House, and Hubbub for their very generous donations for this cause.


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