Kick Off Bash 2013

Kick Off Bash 2013
December 30, 2013 Donald Fisher

By Teddy Lavon C’16

We had a fantastic KOB right before Thanksgiving. Thanks to SAE for hosting us for the second year in a row.

Kick Off Bash (KOB) is an annual party thrown by Mask and Wig that features live music performed by the Mask & Wig Band. Each year, a setlist is scientifically crafted with a sole purpose—to bring the house down. Like the band’s traditional performance at Spring Fling, KOB showcases singers from all four sections of the troupe as well as talented female vocalists from outside of the company.

Everyone who attended the party agreed that it was insanely fun—the band and vocalists all sounded terrific, and I personally felt honored to sing with such fantastic musicians behind me.

On this most eventful of Saturday nights, I remember arriving early to the SAE chapter house. After a few minutes, I glanced outside and realized that it was snowing. In spite of this evidence that the temperature outside was literally freezing, the line to get into the party remained inconceivably long even though the band was not due to play for another hour.

Three students studying meteorology would later confirm that the snow had been arranged by the weather gods in order to test our fans’ dedication; however, two theology majors have since challenged this claim. A Wharton student declined to comment and instead returned to his cartoonishly large pile of gold coins.