Wig Wins… Again

Wig Wins… Again
August 2, 2013 Donald Fisher

By Don Fisher ’75

Sports analysts have debated the greatest rivalry in college sports for decades.  In basketball, UNC-Duke games draw all the hype.  Fans from North Carolina to North Dakota all the way to North California plan their lives around these games.  In football, the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry reigns supreme.  But what about softball?

With most of the top softball teams in the nation in different conferences, the biggest rivalry in the sport is actually an intra-school match in the heart of Philadelphia.  For those who attend, it makes UNC-Duke and Michigan-OSU games look like middle school rec league snooze-fests.  I’m talking of course about the annual Mask and Wig Club v. Glee Club softball game.

Its origins date back to the late nineteenth century, and 2013 sure didn’t disappoint.  With a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning, Mask and Wig defeated the Glee Club 14-12 in what is commonly referred to as “The Greatest Rivalry in College Sports.”  After being behind for most of the game, Wig rallied to come back in the later innings, capped off by a walk-off by Junior Danny Rodriguez.  This extends Wig’s winning streak to three years and shows that the nation’s oldest collegiate group of all-male musical theater kids do have at least minimal athletic abilities.

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