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The 2019-2020 Mask and Wig company

What is Mask and Wig?

Founded in 1889, Mask and Wig is the oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in the United States. For over 130 years, we’ve presented comedy, music, and dancing to audiences on campus, at our historic Clubhouse and around the world. Mask and Wig, comprised of four sections (Cast/Writing, Stage Crew, Band, and Business Staff) creates two all-original shows each year. Find out more below!

When you join the Mask and Wig Club, you’re becoming part of an organization truly committed to its motto of justice to the stage and credit to the university.” Our dedicated members, supported by our alumni Club of over 400 members, reap immense personal rewards – numerous performance opportunities and lifelong friendships.  We are proud to offer the Penn community a unique brand of comedy, and we invite you to become a part of this incredible organization. We guarantee it will be the most fun you’ve ever had!

Learn about our sections

If you’re into comedy and like to act, sing, dance, or write, the Cast is the section for you! Each year, our Cast writes and performs in TWO (fall and spring) original productions with comedic styles ranging from sketch to musical comedy. From belting tunes in our historic Clubhouse to showcasing our fan-favorite bits at campus comedy nights, the Mask and Wig Cast is always in the spotlight! All experience levels and performance backgrounds are welcome.

Want to continue your musical career at Penn? Come audition for the Mask and Wig Band, one of Penn’s premier bands! Not only does the Band provides musical accompaniment for both our fall and spring productions but the Band also plays gigs year-round for packed crowds. For the upcoming year, we are especially in need of drummers, saxophones, and trombonists. Come jam with us!

Do you like money? The Business Staff sure does! We handle all the promotion, sales, and fundraising for Mask and Wig. Whether you’re a digital media designer, a budding entrepreneur, or a natural salesman, the Business Staff needs your energy to help keep Mask and Wig running smoothly! Don’t have any relevant experience? That’s OK! We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

If creating a Mayan temple, an underwater kingdom, or a Roman coliseum all from scratch piques your interest then you belong in the Stage Crew! In addition to building a themed set, the Crew runs the lights, sound, and stage for all of our shows. Best of all, you can learn everything you need to know as you go, so no experience is necessary!

The Final Pitch

What’s the best part of being in Mask and Wig?

Mask and Wig is more than just a musical comedy troupe. Sure, we offer more performance opportunities than any other group and the chance to create as well as perform. But while we are doing all that, we are also eating and studying and hanging out. We form lifetime friendships and make terrific memories together.

How could it get any better? Every spring break, we take our annual production on a Club-sponsored (i.e. all-expenses paid) tour around the world! Some of our past tours have included stops in Paris, New York, London, Orlando, and Montreal! What could possibly be better than a free vacation with your best friends?