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  • The Band and the Cast got together to record the soundtrack to A Comedy of Terrors

    The Real Super Bowl: Recording the Soundtrack to A Comedy of Terrors

    Super Bowl Weekend: For the average college student, this weekend is full of booze, wings, and giant dudes hitting other giant dudes. But if you know anything about Mask and Wig, you’ll know that we’re not your typical college students. In addition to the aforementioned festivities, we also get to…

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  • The writers of A Comedy of Terrors

    Requiem for a Scream: Writing A Comedy of Terrors

    About ten months ago, I embarked on a journey with seven young, goofy dudes. And boy, were they goofy. Our mission was to write the 127th Annual Production for the Mask and Wig Club before the new year rolled around. It sounded easy enough. Our only parameter: make it different…

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  • Scenes from preparations for A Comedy of Terrors

    Countdown to Curtain: Preparing for A Comedy of Terrors

    With just two days left until Opening Night of Mask and Wig’s 127th Annual Production, A Comedy of Terrors, every member of the Company is at full-throttle, putting the finishing touches on the show before our first audiences arrive. We asked four Second Year Guys to give a brief overview…

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  • Wiggers have fun and give back at Charity Ball 2015

    Having Fun and Giving Back at Charity Ball

    The gentlemen of Mask and Wig love looking sharp in their tuxedos, especially with a lovely lady by their side (or gentleman, because we’re cool with that too). December 5th was no exception, as Mask and Wig hosted its annual Charity Ball, bringing Company members, their dates and friends to…

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  • Mask and Wig's diversity is one of its greatest strengths

    Diversity and the Wig Experience

    If you know anything about the audition process for Mask and Wig, you know it happens only over a few hours on a single day. We get a class of New Guys from a bunch of kids that we essentially know nothing about. We accept them based on their talents,…

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