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  • Wiggers and their dates enjoy the 2015 Date Night

    Thai Food and Twisting: Mask and Wig Date Night 2015

    Here at the Mask and Wig Club, we take our work seriously. Every year, from January until April, we perform 2-3 shows joint per weekend to sold-out audiences, both here in Philly and around the country (and now the world) on Tour. Still, like all human beings, we require means…

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  • Scenes from our 2015 Tour to London

    Across the Pond and Back: Planning Wig’s First Overseas Tour

    Tour is a tradition that goes back almost as far as the Club’s inception. The Cast works tirelessly for nine months to put together the best show possible. Then we want everyone to see it, so we take the show on the road. In the past few years we’ve traveled…

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  • Wiggers keep the fun going in social events

    Wig’s Role at the Social Ivy

    When we are not in class, studying, or working tirelessly to put on consistently high-caliber productions, Mask and Wig likes to be social. We try to stay active within the Penn community by socializing with other groups, while also building brotherhood within our company. Let two of our three social…

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  • Academics are an important part of the Mask and Wig experience

    Majoring in Mask and Wig: Reflections on Academics

    Within our company, we all like to say that we come to Penn just to major in Mask and Wig. Even though we say this as a joke, it’s pretty much true. A lot of time that could be spent studying for our classes is instead used for producing high-quality…

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  • A reflection on some of our favorite songs

    All the Songs We Used to Sing: Our Top 5 Songs from the Past 5 Years

    One of the saddest parts about performing in a Mask and Wig show is that as soon as a show is over, we know that it will never be performed again. Although characters like “Pantso” and “Jeff the Dragon” may never see the stage again, we can still relive our…

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