New venues. New experiences.

About Tour

Tim standing in front of Big BenMask and Wig’s annual tour is a tradition that began in 1891, when the Club took Miss Columbia to New York and Washington, D.C. By 1940, the Club had performed in some 31 different cities, traveling in style in a Mask and Wig branded rail car (so christened in 1930). Early undergraduate members played sold out shows across the country, and enjoyed relaxation and fun in the myriad cities that welcomed them.

Since then, the desire to expand the reach of our Song and Jig has not abated one bit. Currently, Tour takes place over Penn’s Spring Break, and undergraduates travel by trucks, buses, trains, and planes. Recent years have seen Wig travel for performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Miami, and London. When not performing, Mask and Wig members spend Tour relaxing in a “Mystery City,” with organized events and activities as well as free time to explore surprise destinations. The future holds endless possibilities.

12800384_1009697365769362_3682144075393750337_nThe best part of Tour is, of course, the price tag (or lack thereof). Financed by tickets, advertisements, and donations, the undergraduate members roam the world free of charge. Around the world, Mask and Wig’s numerous, generous alumni enjoy housing undergraduate members, catching shows, and reconnecting with the Club.