Fall Show: No Country for Old Penn

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Howdy, folks! Ain’t it time to get off yer high horse and sober up fer once? We didn’t think so either. So grab your boots, sharpen your spurs, and Djan-go on down to watch some good ol’ fashioned singin’, dancin’, and tomahawk slangin’. There’s no need to get yer saddle in a bunch while listening to some sharpshootin’ gunzingers and watchin’ some pork cracklin’ tap dancin’. There’ll be puns a-blazin’ as we show off our True Wit and prove once and fer all that we’re final frontier one. Lasso up some friends and some franz, and come learn How to Train Yer Wagon! So put down yer pistol meth and head out to Wild West Philadelphia to see the Mask and Wig Fall Show, No Country for Old Penn. And remember the Alamo money, mo’ problems.

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