Fall Show: Magic Mike and Ike!

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Hey sugar, are you ready for a night of dancing, lights, and the sweet smell of gumballs in the air? Then we have the place for you. West Philadelphia’s hottest club is Candyland. Voted the best spot this side of the Milky Way, this gingerbread house of hotties will have you Star-Bursting with Almond Joy. Operated by reincarnated baseball legend Baby Ruth, this Peeps show has everything: candy canes, hard licorice, and the Sugarplum Fairy. But she is NOT happy. Come lollipop, lock, and drop it with our bouncer, Mr. Goodbar. Our dancers are peeling off their wrappers and their packages aren’t fun sized, so be ready to blow 100 Grand. Plus, the 3 Musketeers have got some Twix up their sleeves that’ll leave you Tootsie-Rolling with laughter. Whether you’re into Gummy Bears or Twinkies, there’s someone for you, so don’t be a bunch of Nerds©! Beat the sugar rush and get your tickets for Mask and Wig’s Fall Show: Magic Mike and Ike!

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